Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Lighthouse Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a distribution cooperative (Texas 55 Floyd County) with headquarters in Floydada, Texas, serving portions of Briscoe, Childress, Collingsworth, Cottle, Crosby, Dickens, Donley, Floyd, Hale, Hall, Motley, and Swisher Counties.

Lighthouse's service area lies in the south-central Panhandle of Texas and includes about 7,000 square miles at elevations of 2,067 to 3,366 feet. About 4,200 square miles, or 60% of the area, is flat plains country all of which is tillable farmland, with the exception of a few scattered ranches. The other 40% of the service territory lies below the Caprock in the rolling plains area of Texas.

The Ogallala Aquifer lies under all of the flat plains portion of the service area. Water can be found over all the service area. However, in some areas there is only enough water for windmills and stock water wells. There is practically no surface water available except what collects in playa lakes after rains, which can then be returned to the land by the use of lake pumps.

The growing season is approximately 190 days. Principal crops grown in the area are alfalfa, corn, cotton, grain sorghum, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, vegetables, and wheat. The economy of the region is highly dependent on the agricultural production, with changes affecting the population, load growth, and electricity sales. The maximum demand for electricity occurs during the summer, primarily from irrigation and air conditioning loads during the hot and dry periods.

Mark Appling

Director 2018 - Present

Albert Daniel

Manager 2017 - Present

Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Highway 70
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