April 7, 2016

1st ERCOT Transmission Connection to AEEC Successful!

As of 1:15 PM, April 6, 2015, Golden Spread energized the ERCOT switchyard at AEEC and made HISTORY with our first electric connection at a Golden Spread Generating Facility to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).  This completes the first of three check lists required by ERCOT in order to connect to their grid.   

We are submitting check list #2 on April 7.   We will be testing Elk 1 in the ERCOT grid next week completing check list #3.  After check list #3 is complete we will be commercial in ERCOT with Elk 1.    

At 4:11 PM, April 6, 2015, we energized from the switchyard thru the Elk 2 step-up transformer and plan to do the same on Elk 3 on April 7.  This starts the clock on transformer soaking and start-up activities on our way to first fire and generator synchronization for these two units to the ERCOT grid by the end of next week.  We are feverously working to a May 12th commercial operation date in ERCOT.   

Many thanks to   …  the ERCOT Integration Team ((Stacy, Anthony, Cody, Shane, Matt Moore, Chip, Cassie, Chris, Tom, Lloyd, Shawn, Sara, Dave Marsh, Will, Nathan, Tyson) .. Todd (Aces), Karen, Jeff (MRE))   …  Engineering Team (Anthony, Bret, Charles, Jill, Dick, Doug, Wayne, Dave Turner, Charlie, Don Yuen, Norman, Sam)  …  Production (Jeff, Ron)   …  Legal (Mary, Darcy, Bill, Sharla, Guy, Craig)  …  Commercial Operations & Transmission (Natasha, Eric) …  Environmental (Ruth, Matt Welch)  …  Accounting (Steve Wiegand, Jessie, Valerie, Roxann, Chesna, Matt Lowe, Melody, Kari) …  PIC ( Steve Wotruba, Kevin, Jason, Gary, Kaythie, Don Ables, Marciano, Allen, Ross, Don Berry, Jimmy, John, Gerald, Jay, Lester, Don Bishop, Nick, Jeremy, Stephen, Johnny, Kyle).  

That’s over 70 people … our apologies if we've left anyone out.  

What a team effort!  Well Done Everyone!