September 1, 2017

NRECA Hurricane Harvey Recovery Updates

(September 1, 2017 12:50PM CDT)

To NRECA Board of Directors, RESMA and CEOs:

Co-ops continue to make tremendous progress as they recover from Hurricane Harvey. Late Thursday, the Texas statewide reported that remaining storm-related co-op outages are less than 14,000, a fraction of approximately 125,000 members who lost power after Harvey struck the Texas gulf coast. In Louisiana, co-ops are down to scattered outages and all visiting crews are expected to be released today. Co-ops relied on effective communication, ingenuity, and mutual aid to make these restorations possible. 

Late last night, an Entergy transmission line dropped out of service, causing power outages among co-ops throughout eastern Texas. Sam Houston Electric Cooperative reports that Entergy is working on a repair, but that “the outage could extend into Friday.”

As the storm moves out of Texas and Louisiana and the recovery continues, many of you have inquired about the best way to donate to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) has agreed to prioritize the needs of impacted electric cooperatives as they respond to the storm. Visit this webpage to donate to CDF’s Hurricane Harvey disaster relief fund. Many thanks to CDF for recognizing this need and prioritizing relief efforts for electric co-op communities in the aftermath of this historic and devastating storm. 

This likely will be my last update for Hurricane Harvey, but I encourage you to visit and @NRECANews for more coverage of Harvey’s lingering impact. NRECA continues to stay in contact with many of the impacted co-ops, offering resources and support wherever there is a need. Please let me know if you have any questions or identify areas where we can help.

Jim Matheson
Chief Executive Officer
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Arlington, VA 22203
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